Caring for one's pet has never been on air, or this is at least what most people think. was the only radio station especially designed to provide pet owners in America with the information they needed regarding the health of their pets. Visits to the veterinarian are usually costly, especially if not insured and time consuming. Many pet owners simply do not have the time to make an appointment with their vet and this is why has been a great idea from the beginning to the end. The radio station had been on hiatus since mid 2006 and it has been always meant for individuals and syndications all together and most importantly, it was intended for the sake of one's best companion. has also come up with a web page where those interested in the subject could find out more interesting and useful information on how to take the best care of their pets. Moreover, busy listeners could listen to their favorite radio station online as the shows were recorded and published there. This was the opportunity of those at home to listen to advices that the vet had given to people in general and which might suit the needs of the listeners too or at least at some point. As it is said, information is always good, no matter if it comes too soon or too late. Yet, one might argue that sooner the better. also featured a TV show in which people could watch Dr. Tracy Dewhirst on WBIR/NBC's Style show. This show was scheduled every third Thursday of the month and it was a great opportunity to learn even more from the best specialists. The same doctor published a column in Knoxville News Sentinel where she took the time to give valuable and detailed advice on how to care for pets.

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